KenguruPro calisthenics equipment in France

Now France can do street workout, because in a small Albertville town, we have built calisthenics equipment manufacturer.

 As you know Albertville is the town, where in 1992 was winter Olympic Games.The town has become so popular, because there had participated so many well-known athlete and just guests from around the world. After that, people wanted to start do sports, but not everybody have such possibility and place, where they can do sports! We have decided to build Kenguru.Pro park. That is why so many people are glad to see park here in Albertville.

This Kenguru.Pro park is suitable to this place and climate. It looks so modern, durable, many-functional, not-ordinary, charismatic and just beautiful calisthenics equipment. All athletes will prepare for national, world and Olypmic competitions. It doesn't matter what sports you do, football, hockey, basketball or just fitness, park is for every sports! So many strong sportsmen live in Albertville and they are ready for preparation to competition.

Maybe in the future will be Olympic Games again in Alberville and there will be street workout category and athletes will present France.

They don’t have such a gym, but now they have outdoor gym, where they can do street workout in our equipment. Calisthenics equipment manufacturer will make you healthy, strong and just happy. For example, people can do street workout with out any age limits! It is safe, we have different heights.

Children or Old people can do just swings or easy exercises. Athletes can do whole street workout sets on calisthenics bars, dip-bars and other modern and not-ordinary and helpful stuff. Street workout park can develop whole human body's muscle groups.

Our surface is very durable and climate-stable.The color of Kenguru.Pro's surface underlines atmosphere of such place. Light-blue color it is color of heaven, but as you know for all people sky isn't a limit! The surface are not only for walking, but also for do exercising. It is soft enough and in the same time elastic. We have used this kind of material not only for design, but also for safety!

So many people liked this modern, safe and original Kenguru.Pro. They do just basics exercises: pull-ups, push-ups, dips and other stuff and these exercises make them fit! Kenguru.Pro will make so healthy, so strong, so happy people around the world!

Kenguru.Pro park is for everybody it is safe, it is modern, it is original!