KenguruPro street workout facilities

One bar, two bars, three bars... How big Kenguru.Pro park do you want? Do you want a big park? Do you want a small park? Do you want all the equipments? Maybe it will be enough with simple set (pull-up bar, dip-bars and human flag wall and bench for press) or if your city is full of street athletes and you want more equipments with different sizes and looks, Kenguru.Pro provide you with special sets, which you can just choose.

Freestylers always show a lot of tricks and their traininig based on different equipments, that is why, for freestylers it is very important to have a big park, where he can show him self. There are pull-ups bars, where they make jumps, monkey bar, where they do pull-ups and some very hard tricks, dip bars, human flag wall.

Simple street workout is also doing on big park, because if you want to build great body and be very strong you should do exercises on different equipments. For example, you can train you back mucles, on pull-up bar, monkey bar and dip-bar.

Aslo, Kenguru.Pro constructed several mini-parks for private use in the suburban cottage "PraymVil." One of the customers of the project said that he saw the same excellent horizontal bars and parallel bars with friends - and all the while he was jealous. Living in a private home, so nice to be within walking distance of sports equipment to maintain yourself fit. That is why, Kenguru.Pro provide you with a really good service, where you can choose whatever you want and install, where you want.

Now the biggest street workout park is in Russia, in Moscow, it is New Kenguru.Park 1200 sq.meters long! Just imagine how big it is and there can train a lot of people and do different sports training. You can do street workout, fitness, crossfit, yoga, gymnastics and just exercises for your health. The opening of street workout park is comming soon.

You can see street workout facilities in our catalogy. Just choose set, choose the color of your equipment and color of surface and we will make it.