Para kenguru

So many wheelchair people around the world and a lot of them want to do sports and different activities. People with disabilities want to live, want to do sports and of course at any place and at any time. And now it is possible.

Kenguru.Pro is presenting a new line of equipment called Kenguru Para that is created for disabled people. This equipment line consist of 25 different elements and was designed together with world's leading experts in this area. Kenguru Para designs and technology are fully protected with design and technology patents, because many companies produce copies of our equipment. From now on Kenguru Pro company will work to protect our intellectual property and will fight against companies making copies of our equipment.

We are happy to announce that Kenguru Para will be available on market all over the world starting from July, 2015.

Now it will be possible to every disabled peopel do sports and do street workout. They can do simple pull-ups, push-ups, swings and etc. On the each street workout park will be the tabele, where will show different exercises for disabled people. This street workout park equipment will consist everything for wheelchair people, special comfortables constructions, which will help to disabled people go to equipment, what he needs. By the way, all the additional and supporter construction will be installed into basic equipment.

It means, if wheelchair man want to stand up for the wheelchair, he has support part of equipment. For exapmaple, he can do pull ups and if he feels, that he doesn’t have power he can just sit down on his wheelchair.

Kenguru.Pro has thought about every elements for disabled people training, started from banches and ended with equipments. Kenguru Para is the one in the world street workout equipment. It is comfortable, multi-functional, not-ordinary and very special.
Kenguru Para is coming soon in Europe and disabled people will have soon new sports, where they can show their self. Kenguru. Pro it is for every people in the world.